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About Us – youstream GmbH

Adrian Sandmeier founded youstream GmbH in Zurich in 2008. Since then, we have been working under the motto „Build Up Your Audience“. We help our customers to grow their business through audio-visual content.

Not only do we produce high-quality explanatory videos, image films or commercials, but we also take care of our clients‘ video marketing. It is our claim that you receive the maximum return on your video and have an all-round positive experience with our team. Due to our regionality, we are on site for customers from the cantons of Zurich, Bern, Basel and Lucerne.

Our Mission

youstream helps you to build a brand with a unique story, in an authentic way, that makes your business more visible.

Today just being better than your competition is not enough. It’s just as important or even more important to be different.

We help passionate entrepreneurs by communicating their history and value. We do this with fascinating films that are different from the competition. Films that move the target audience and clearly position the company.

Our Values

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We concentrate on the goal and the result – we do not want to get lost in the production process.


We attach great importance to the script and the concept, which helps us to stay on track.

Better Than Yesterday

The market is changing, the competition is getting better. We consciously want to invest in our know-how and resources.


As a matter of principle, we always help our customers to achieve their goals. If our own resources are not sufficient, we fall back on our network or look for a partner.


We are interested in our customers - whether large or small, we listen to our customers to learn more about their experiences and needs.

Added Value

We are ready to exchange information with the customer or give valuable tips in the form of posts or courses.

Long-Term Customer Relationship

We invest a lot of time and effort in an initial customer relationship and are convinced that this effort will pay off.

youstream Regional

We at youstream are directly on-site for our customers in Switzerland. No matter whether you are based in Zurich, Bern, Basel or Lucerne – you will find a regional contact person in us. We can quickly get in touch with you for discussions, filming or other requests and provide you with personal support.

Take advantage of our regional know-how from the Swiss market to present your company with a video that reaches your target group. You can also rely on our local knowledge when it comes to effective video marketing.