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Have an explainer video created professionally - Top references

What services does an explainer video at youstream include?
  • Consulting
  • Concept, script and storyboard
  • Animation (in individual design)
  • Sound recording
  • Our own speaker castings
For whom are explainer videos relevant?
  • various industries
  • small and medium-sized enterprises
  • sophisticated products
What can you achieve with an explainer video?
  • explain complex products as simply and entertainingly as possible
  • address interested parties and existing customers
  • present the service/product, explain how to use it or demonstrate its quality
  • more conversions on the company website

We bring your products closer to your clientele

No matter what your company produces, you probably face the same challenge as most companies: You want to make your product or service more understandable to your customers. Unfortunately, not everything in life is so simple that you understand it at first glance - some things need to be explained, and preferably in person.

An explainer video by youstream is a simple and very charming way to "get the message across" to complex issues quickly and easily: Let us explain your product!

Explainer videos from youstream offer the perfect solution. Take a look at the video on the right - everything will become clear as if by magic!

How do explainer videos appeal to customers?

With appealing, comprehensible explainer videos, you can reach significantly more customers, and in less time. Be aware of one thing: facts and figures are forgotten, but stories stay in people's minds. In this day and age of information overload, it is more important than ever that you tell your customers a story - and one that they like to hear.With appealing, comprehensible explainer videos, you can reach significantly more customers, and in less time. Be aware of one thing: facts and figures are forgotten, but stories stay in people's minds. In this day and age of information overload, it is more important than ever that you tell your customers a story - and one that they like to hear.

You only have a few seconds to get your customers' attention. A short video conveys your content quickly and more comprehensibly than a long text or a complicated graphic.
The video format is particularly advantageous for rather abstract topics. Images and verbal explanations help to understand even complex contexts in a short time.

"You only have a few seconds to hold your customer's attention."

Goals of an explainer video: Simple and geared to the needs of your customers

Explainer videos should be as simple to understand as possible. And they must speak the language of the target audience - so that they are understood by those who are supposed to understand them. To achieve this, we not only use animated graphics, but above all carefully selected speakers. For every explainer video we do a voice casting. In our database of more than 10,000 speakers from all over the world, we are guaranteed to find the one who best suits your customers.
We tailor the content and the speaker exactly to your target group. Our goal: to simplify complex subject matter for your customers so that you communicate faster and create a high reach.
This not only increases the recognition value of your brand, but also the engagement of your readers and customers. Consequently, the conversion rate - i.e. the ratio of clicks to purchases - also increases.

Would you like to achieve these goals more effectively? Then contact us right away for a professional explainer video with measurable results.

Different styles for your professional explainer video
Whiteboard style
The primary goal of our basic style is to reduce complexity. To achieve this, we design your explainer video in 2D and limit ourselves to black and white. Your company colours can set colourful accents, and of course we follow your corporate design in other aspects as well. The classic explainer video style is also called whiteboard style. It fits well for films in which customers are supposed to "learn" something.
Cartoon style
The aim of these videos in the popular flat design is to entertain customers so that they "stay on the ball". To do this, we use colourful films in cartoon style, which we adapt to your corporate design and to the theme of the explainer video: from serious to freaky. Even elaborate animations are no problem for us! The cartoon style is ideal if you want to move your customers: It reliably ensures more engagement and thus a good conversion. Der Cartoon-Stil ist optimal, wenn Sie Ihre Kunden bewegen wollen: Er sorgt zuverlässig für mehr Engagement und damit für eine gute Conversion.
Premium cartoon style
An explanatory video that makes your company stand out from the crowd? A film that stays in your customers' minds? A video style that showcases you as an expert, industry expert or trendsetter? Our premium offer is suitable for this. Here we implement your unusual idea in an extraordinary way: with complex frame-by-frame animations, 3D style and in the most beautiful colours, of course always matching your corporate design.

Our offer to you

We produce the all-round perfect explanatory video for you. How do we do that? By tailoring all our production steps to your individual needs and goals:
We create an individual concept after a detailed consultation with you. Then we develop a script, including a theme and a detailed storyboard. In post-production, we implement the planned animations. Your corporate design is seamlessly integrated into all explanatory video animations. At the same time, we cast a narrator and record the animation with a voice-over.
By the way: Each of these steps includes several rounds of corrections ‒ until your explainer video is perfect.

Finally, the video is ready ‒ but not for us: if you wish, we will also take care of the marketing.

Video marketing from youstream

Your explainer video is only finished when it is successful: That is why we are happy to take care of the appropriate marketing after the production. We take care of the marketing on the web, in social media or on other channels and evaluate the results for you. If necessary, we can also advise you on distribution.

As you can see: With us, you don't just buy an explainer video, but a whole all-round package!

Customers about us
FAQ - frequently asked questions

The purpose of an explanatory video is to break down a specific, complicated issue into its simplest elements and make them accessible to the target group. Within a few sentences and with the help of suitable visualisations, you make the relevant facts accessible to potential new customers as well as existing customers or employees. At the same time, you create a higher brand loyalty and show the advantages of your service or product.

An explainer video is generally produced according to the following steps:

  • Concept: In close cooperation with you, we create a concept with a script incl. voice-over for your future explainer video.
  • Pre-production: Before the animation begins, the individual style is determined. First of all, a voice-over casting takes place so that you can choose the voice that best suits you and your company. Then a design is created for each scene: the storyboard.
  • Animation phase: Your explainer video is now animated and matched with the voice-over.
  • Correction rounds: We go through rounds of corrections together until everything is just right.
  • Approval: You receive the finished video for submission. If you are satisfied, we make your explainer video available to you in all common formats.

How long the production of an explainer video takes depends on the following factors:

  • the length of the explainer video
  • the animation style used
  • the choice of narrator
  • any subtitles

Our average estimate for the duration of an explainer video production is 4-6 weeks. For a concrete offer, you can contact us at any time via our enquiry form.

A 1-minute explainer video in whiteboard style costs CHF 3'950.- plus VAT, all services included.

A 1-minute explainer video in cartoon style costs CHF 4,490 plus VAT, all services included.

Contact us for a free and non-binding offer!

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