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Cinema advertising commissioned by the Data Protection Commissioner of the Canton of Zurich. youstream produced 4 commercials in one day of shooting in the city of Zurich. All in one shooting day with a 4-person film team.

Great shots from our own studio. The Auxivo image film was realized with a turntable in the appropriate lighting ambience. youstream Creative Director Rafael Gschwend accompanied the process from A-Z, so that the ideas were implemented exactly according to the script.

Services explained briefly and clearly with an explanatory video from youstream. In the case of, this is exactly what is implemented. On the website, potential customers immediately gain an overview.

From the idea, to the script, to the entire production. With us, all competences are united. We had only 3 weeks to develop a convincing idea and to implement it. The client SmartLife Care, the subsidiary of swisscom and helvetia, was very satisfied with the result.

134 million people were reached during the product launch of IBM RoboRXN. In front of over 67 reporters from 18 countries, RoboRXN was introduced along with this video.

youstream launches YouTube Ads campaign for SHARP. youstream delivered the idea and provided casting, production as well as the advertising campaign on YouTube. SHARP asked us to produce two spots for the Windows Collaboration Display. Within only a few weeks the whole project was realized. After production, the YouTube Ads campaigns were set up with the advertising agency partner in Zurich and optimized for conversion.

In today's working world, brainpower is crucial. Finding the right and competent employees is a challenge for many companies. At the heart of each of these video campaigns is a story. A "story" that strengthens the brand as an employer and attracts the right talent. And ultimately also retains them.

An emotional story conveys all the advantages of living with bonacasa. The focus is on comfort and safety. Many facts are subtly integrated into the story.

Business analyst and project manager Thomas Monsch is fascinated by the unknown. The explorer looks back on his past in this exciting employer branding video. His work at SWISS allows him to live out his spirit of discovery in various areas.

As part of a social media campaign, youstream created a total of 10 different spots for BeNappy. The ecological diaper from Switzerland. In 1:1 format, the spots were also published in French versions.

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