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Have a product video professionally produced in Switzerland - Top references

What services does a product video at youstream include?
  • Consulting
  • Script writing
  • Video shooting
  • Post-production (editing, dubbing, mixing)
  • Product marketing
For whom is a product video relevant?
  • Introduction of new products or services to the market
  • Global or highly competitive industries
What can you achieve with a product video?
  • Arouse attention and emotions
  • Bring complicated issues to the point in a simple way
  • Incentive for customers to buy
  • Increase the reach and awareness of the product
  • More conversions and increased sales

Harmonising the company and the new product

For a perfect product video, we don't just look at the product alone. To convince buyers and bring them along, there must be a connection between your company's values and your new product. We work out this story and tell it ‒ in the most vivid way possible, with esprit and feeling, in a short presentation or as a detailed explainer video.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the market, we can offer you reliable all-round support with personal advice, plenty of local know-how and a broad network in the cantons of Zurich, Basel, Bern and Lucerne ‒ from the initial concept to the distribution of your product video.

Let us set the scene for your product

A successful product is always connected with emotions and good experiences. A good product video succeeds in awakening and consolidating such impressions in the viewers. We achieve this by staging your new product in the best way possible and combining it with your corporate design. While we focus on the most important advantages (use pieces), we provide the equally important background and select suitable testimonials that best convey your values. In the end, the customer can't help but buy your product.

Sequence of a production
Strategy & Storytelling
The adventure begins. Together we develop your video strategy for more attention & conversion. Storytelling serves as our secret weapon.
This is where the action starts. The shooting day runs smoothly because we know exactly what we want. Then it's off to editing.
Who doesn't want clicks, views and conversion? A clever video distribution strategy is simply a must.
Analysis & Evaluation
Only those who continuously analyze and evaluate become better. Advanced tools support us in this.

The right way to your ideal product video

Our attention is the most important commodity these days. At every turn, someone wants to gain it in order to sell us something. Our goal is correspondingly demanding: to direct potential customers to your online shop, your trade fair presence or your social media account.

We ensure attention with a clear strategy: we visualise the most important advantages of your product vividly and briefly and send a clear, emotional advertising message. The result of our product videos is measurably increased conversion rates and sales figures.

Dreharbeiten Produktvideo

Our services for you

youstream has been working as a film agency on the Swiss market for many years and successfully serves clients such as Sharp and IBM. We use detailed storytelling and high-tech equipment to ensure an excellent presentation of your product ‒ the right background, music and animations play just as important a role as intensive consultation at every step of the process and close cooperation with personal support.

Our competent working methods ensure fast and effective results: Product videos that measurably increase your sales.

Ensure success through high-quality product videos

A professional product video fulfils many purposes and is therefore well worth the money: it not only leads to immediately measurable increases in sales and a significant increase in product awareness. The general reach of your company is also strengthened by a product video, which incidentally improves your image as a company through the positive link to the product. You can't kill more birds with one stone!

Video marketing by youstream

youstream not only takes care of the production of your product video for you, but also supports you throughout the entire process. Just as important as the shooting and production itself is the targeted marketing and appropriate distribution of your finished video. We advise and support you with custom-made strategies that secure the necessary attention for your product offline and online. We can prove it: Following the marketing, we analyse clicks, rankings and conversions and evaluate what we have achieved and what can still be improved.
Customers about us
FAQ - frequently asked questions

A product video – as the term already suggests – promotes a specific product. The aim is to explain in as precise terms as possible what advantages the product has over its competitors, what added value it creates and why potential customers should buy it. The aim is to increase the conversion rate and generate higher sales for the company.

A product video is produced in the following steps:

  • Concept: We work with you to develop a concept for your product video. The video to be produced is illustrated with a storyboard.
  • Pre-production: All organisational tasks are handled. This means that we organise the necessary technology, hire speakers, actors and extras and take care of the filming locations.
  • Production: Theory becomes practice – your product video is shot!
  • Post-production: During post-production, your product video is edited, texts are recorded and music is added. If necessary, we also add special effects and give your product video a professional look with the right colour grading.
  • Approval: The finished product video is presented to you for approval. If you are satisfied, we provide you with the final result in all common formats.

The production time of a product video is usually between 4-8 weeks. We focus as much as possible on the needs of the customer. Every film production has different requirements, which must be taken into account in the time planning. This concerns:

  • pre-production tasks: organisation of locations, actors, extras, speakers, etc.
  • the number of shooting days
  • post-production tasks: scope of editing, colour grading, dubbing, number of correction rounds, etc.

For an individual and free initial offer, you can contact us via our contact form.

It is difficult to determine the costs of a product video in advance, as the tasks involved during pre-production, shooting and post-production always depend on the product to be advertised. For this reason, we recommend that you request a free, non-binding offer from us.

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