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Would you like to successfully advertise a product and use the advantages of video marketing? Then we at youstream will create your individual product video that turns viewers into customers. Also services, solutions or procedures can be represented with a descriptive video. Ask us and we will be happy to advise you on your options.

Product videos have a clear goal: to present and explain your product attractively in order to encourage the viewer to buy. Video embedding in an online shop, as well as presentation at trade fairs and in advertising clips, is an obvious option. Due to the large reach, especially in the online sector, it is possible to attract attention and arouse the interest of potential customers in your product. By providing information, the viewer is offered added value, which encourages the purchase – so product videos make a significant contribution to increasing your sales.

We have been creating successful product videos for customers in the cantons of Zurich, Bern, Basel and Lucerne for many years. We respond to the ideas and wishes of our customers and adapt the video concept individually to the respective product. In addition, we advise you comprehensively on the marketing of your product video and its placement in online and offline areas. Feel free to contact us and let us create your own successful product video at top prices.

Features & Benefits of Product Videos

Product videos are often used in online shops. This makes the information process easier for potential customers – instead of long product texts and many pictures, all information can be clearly summarized in a few seconds or minutes. Up to 1.8 million words can be communicated in just one video minute. Who would like to use a product video, can select from different video kinds. Thus already from some product pictures and information description videos can be provided automated. These are stored with music and optionally commented. The advantage here is the low production effort and the associated lower production costs.

If you want to go beyond the pure information purpose and offer your customers a more comprehensive view of the product, we can produce more detailed videos manually. These include the integration of moving images in which the product and its use are shown. Anyone who wants to focus more on credibility should also choose elements from the personal explanatory videos in which an employee of the company introduces the product and explains its background.

Advantages of Product Videos

Advantages of Product Videos

In addition to the information value that product videos have for potential customers, you can also benefit from a variety of advantages. By using emotional elements in a video and the detailed description, the customer should forget the distance to the product. If you embed a product video in your online shop, the conversion rate rises strongly. You can also benefit from the high reach of social media platforms such as YouTube. A product video not only attracts attention, but also provides the impetus to buy.

Our Services & Approach

Our team at youstream has many years of experience in producing product videos for many different customers and products. We learn everything about your unique product in an initial consultation in which we also discuss your marketing goals. Together with you, we then develop a video concept and a detailed script.

Once you have decided on a manually created product video, our production team also prepares for the shooting and selects the necessary equipment. We then start shooting at your location or in a studio. Once you have decided on an animated product video, this step will of course be skipped and post-production will begin immediately. Graphics are created and animated, edited and set to music. Together with you, we also select a speaker who is best suited for the presentation of your product. Our aim is to present your finished product video to you in just a few days.

Following production, we will be happy to advise you on your individual video marketing. We create an extensive and effective concept for you, which includes the off- and online placement and distribution of your video. In this way we help you to get the maximum return on your new product video – because we are only successful if you are.

Costs of a Product Video

The costs for the creation of a product video depend on the type of video and thus on the production effort. Therefore, filming or animation work may be necessary, according to which the cost calculation is based. For clarification, we have listed a cost example here, which includes filming on site:

Cost Example of a Product Video

Cost Example of a Product Video

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youstream Regional

We at youstream are directly on-site for our customers in Switzerland. No matter whether you are based in Zurich, Bern, Basel or Lucerne – you will find a regional contact person in us. We can quickly get in touch with you for discussions, filming or other requests and provide you with personal support.

Take advantage of our regional know-how from the Swiss market to present your company with a video that reaches your target group. You can also rely on our local knowledge when it comes to effective video marketing.