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Video Production (Corporate Videos, Commercials & more) – Our Services

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You want a commercial, an explainer video or an corporate film? Then youstream is your professional film production in Switzerland. We create high-quality videos that will inspire your viewers.

We can show years of experience in the field of product videos, event videos and many other kinds of videos. In doing so we serve clients from diverse sectors with individual marketing goals. During the production we work very closely with you to ensure the best possible product. Get in touch with us and arrange a meeting with us for your individual movie project.

How We Produce Videos – Our Methods

Production Process

Production Process

Concept & Script

In the case of you reaching out to us for the production of a video, we arrange a first consultation with you. In doing so, we get to know you and your company and discuss your marketing goals. On the basis of this we develop a first concept to determine a financial frame for your film project.

After you give us your approval, we create a detailed script which serves as a guide for our team during shooting and post production. Furthermore, the success of a video is determined by a good script. We own the knowledge to create these and their dramaturgical design. During this phase we work closely with you to realize your ideas.


To keep the overview of your project, we create a detailed shooting schedule. During this phase we choose fitting equipment, book actors and procure props and filming permits.

We dispose of a wide range of high-quality equipment. Thus, we are able to transform any video into HD and 4K quality. Motorized sliders for breathtaking tracking shots, camera jibs for classy scene openings or spectacular aerial sequences with our drone pledge a high production standard. For moving scenes we use a stabilization system.

Part of our film studio is a green screen area. With the help of a complex light system brilliant effects are possible and leave no boundaries for video productions of any kind. Regarding the sound we use high-quality lavalier microphones. Of course, these are complemented by directional or condenser microphones. Our own box for speakers guarantee recordings of the highest quality.

Our Shooting Equipment

  • professional HD camera (Canon C100 Mark II)
  • 4K camera (Sony alpha 7 mark ii)
  • DJI Phantom 4 drone
  • on field monitors
  • high-quality lenses
  • Manfrotto tripod
  • DJI Ronin-M stabilizer
  • motorized Kessler slider
  • Kessler mini jib
  • shoulder tripod
  • directional microphone
  • speaker / studio microphone
  • Sennheiser wireless microphone
  • 2 LED panels, adjustable with tripods
  • small mobile on camera LED panels
  • Fluorescent lampshades with tripods

Post Production

After the shooting is complete, we begin with post production. Part of this step is cutting, editing and musical setting of the footage. Our team has trained eyes and ears to work together efficiently. As a first step, each individual take is being evaluated. Secondly, the rough cut is made which we send you. Your feedback is part of the fine cut which includes all transitions, animated motion graphics elements as well as fade-ins. Each audio track is being matched, audio effects and transitions mixed. Again, you have the possibility to voice amendment proposals. After that, the final cut is realized. Cutting and setting to music normally take up most of the time of a video production – not without good reason since it determines the success or failure of a film.

Our Work During Post Production

Our work during post production.

If you want an animated explainer video or product video, shooting is not necessary and we directly begin with the production. Graphics, animations and other elements are designed and perfected until you are satisfied with the product. Often, clients desire animated motion graphics elements to create individual intros, outros and blurbs.

Our Post Production Equipment:

  • Mac based cutting system
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Cutting with Premiere Pro, motion graphics with After Effects, Photoshop, etc.

Regarding the production of films we set highest standards – only when you are a hundred percent satisfied, we are as well.

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youstream Regional

We at youstream are available directly on-site for our customers in Switzerland. Whether you are based in Zurich, Bern, Basel, or Lucerne – we have a regional representative available for you to contact. We can quickly get in touch with you for any discussions, filming, or other requests you may have to provide you with personal support.

Take advantage of our regional know-how and understanding of the Swiss market to present your company through a video that will reach your target audience. You can also rely on our local knowledge when it comes to effective video marketing.