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Have an event video created professionally - Top references

What services does an event video at youstream include?
  • All-round package according to individual agreement
  • Personalised concept and script
  • Filming
  • Post-production
  • Marketing and evaluation of the finished video
For whom are event videos relevant?
  • Companies of all sizes and industries
  • Further utilisation of the advertising impact of PR events, concerts and company celebrations
  • Positioning for participants and potential customers, but also competition
  • Permanent staging as a brand
What can you achieve with an event video?
  • Capture memories and emotions
  • Attract new customers through permanent promotion of business events
  • Sustainably more reach on relevant channels

Capture your memories and emotions

Videos manage something that texts or graphics rarely do: they capture people's emotions and can even create new emotions. With a good event video, you tell the story of your business event anew ‒ and even pick up people who weren't even there.

We take care of all the steps from conception to post-production for you, so that this feat succeeds.

3 goals of an event video

An event video is generally used for three purposes: to promote your brand, to introduce a product or to advertise a planned event.

With business event videos, you don't just put a past event in the limelight. They can also be used directly to promote other events. In addition, you improve your brand image, gain reach and new customers. Nowadays, customers want to be picked up with emotions ‒ and you can do that very well with an event video.

Your event video from youstream in 5 steps

We design and create your professional event video in an established step-by-step process:

First, we conduct a detailed consultation with you so that an event video is created exactly according to your ideas. As professionals, we know from long experience which points to pay particular attention to and can give you concrete recommendations.
After that, we work out a concept and write a script for the video.
Equipped with this, we start the filming, with which we accompany your event or your company celebration unobtrusively but constantly.
The event is over, but we are just getting started: Now the elaborate post-production begins with editing, dubbing and colour correction of the video in the style of your choice ‒ always matching your corporate design.
If you wish, we can also take care of the marketing and distribute your finished event video according to a detailed concept.

Video marketing from youstream

Your event video is ready? Not by a long shot! After the production, we also take care of the marketing to give your event the best reach and awareness in the long term. We market your event video online and in the social networks or advise you on this. We agree with you in advance which goals your video marketing should achieve - and we also check whether the desired benchmarks are achieved.
We don't just create a simple video of your event. We make your event everlasting!

Customers about us
FAQ - frequently asked questions
An event video has the task of capturing a specific event in a storyline and drawing attention to an event. The most important task here is to generate an authentic atmosphere and capture the right emotions. The aim of an event video is to evoke emotions and memories as well as to attract more visitors to the upcoming event.

An event video is produced according to the following scheme:

  • Concept: We work with you to develop a concept that captures your event in the best possible way. We study the schedule in detail so that we capture all the important moments.
  • Pre-production: We organise technology and if desired, speakers, actors, extras.
  • Production: The day of your event! Your event is shot. We stay in the background as much as possible.
  • Post-production: We add suitable music, recorded text and, if necessary, special effects and give your event video a professional look with the appropriate colour grading.
  • Approval: Once the event video is finished, you will receive it for review. If you are satisfied, we make it available to you.
The post-production of an event video usually takes 2 weeks. If required, we can also deliver an express post-production. We organise the appropriate resources so that the video is ready within a few hours. For a concrete offer, you can contact us at any time via our enquiry form.

How much an event video costs can be determined exactly in advance. However, this requires further information for the calculation. The decisive factors for calculating the price.

    • Duration of the event
    • Personnel required
    • Required technology
    • Expenditure during post-production
    • Travel costs
    • Engagement of speakers, actors and/or extras etc.

For an individual offer tailored to your event video, you can contact us via our enquiry form.

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