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Video Marketing – Our Strategies & Services for Online-Content & YouTube as your Agency

Do you want to place your company video successfully and effectively? Then we at youstream GmbH are the right contact with many years of experience in video marketing. We do not only produce your high-quality corporate film or product video, but also advise you comprehensively on the successful placement of your video on the Internet.

Video marketing plays a very important role in today’s successful marketing concept. YouTube alone has a reach of almost a third of all Internet users worldwide. Whoever places an appealing and first-class video here attracts the attention of various target groups and represents their brand in a publicity campaign. Due to the high reach, the attention of your offer is increased and you can effectively stand out from your competitors.

For many years now, we have been supporting the video marketing of customers throughout Switzerland. With our location in Zurich, we are a regional film production company, especially for clients in the cantons of Zurich, Bern, Basel and Lucerne. Take advantage of our regionality and our expertise in the field of film production and video marketing to make your company even more present on the Internet and not only reach your target group, but also win them as customers. No matter whether you want to improve your image or market a product – we will develop the right strategy for you to successfully use your video for your marketing goals. Use our contact form or give us a call and we will arrange a personal appointment today.

Video Marketing – Definition & Features

The basic idea behind video marketing is the use of videos to achieve a company’s marketing goals. In particular, this means the distribution of videos offline as well as via the Internet. Image, product or explanation videos as well as advertising spots are placed on video platforms such as YouTube and other editorial sites, e.g. further social media networks and the company website. There are various possibilities for placing videos in the online area.

Use of Online Videos

Use of Online Videos

Video marketing often aims to increase the awareness of the company. This can improve the word-of-mouth propaganda, but also the ranking of the own website in the search engine results. The strategy is aligned with the objectives, depending on whether a product or service is being advertised. Videos are also ideal measures for image purposes to create trust and convey the company’s values in an emotional way. A distinction is made between different video formats.

Types of Videos

Types of Videos

A successful image film improves the image of a company or brand among the target group and should be produced to a high standard. If a product is to be advertised specifically, it can be presented in an appealing and easily understandable video and its advantages can be shown. Explainer videos for services or processes have a similar function. An animated presentation is usually suitable for this type of video. Also the commercial is an important tool in video marketing. It is specifically aimed at target groups and distributed via high-reach media such as cinema, television and the Internet. Especially here a professional and high quality production is indispensable. If you would like to advertise a certain event or attract attention, the creation of a professional event video is a good idea.

A special feature of video marketing is that the target groups are addressed in a multimedia way. Through the combination of moving images, spoken or faded-in words and music, messages are conveyed by addressing several senses simultaneously. Thus the emotional as well as cognitive effect on the target persons is very strong and a stronger relationship to the video message or the sender is established.

Advantages & Content Strategies in Video Marketing

One of the advantages of video marketing – in addition to increasing the communication range – is an improvement in search engine rankings. The high reach of video platforms such as YouTube also means that more traffic can be directed to one’s own homepage. Young target groups in particular can be reached through video marketing. In Germany alone, for example, 67% of all 10- to 19-year-olds use the YouTube platform on a daily basis, similar to Switzerland.

Also the expert status of an enterprise can be underpinned for example by explanation videos. In particular, the information content of videos – compared to written texts – is more efficiently bundled. Up to 1.8 million words can be communicated within just one video minute. The length of the video is also decisive. Short videos make it possible to watch it in between instead of reading a long text. Ideally, a video should never be longer than 90 seconds.

Especially if you operate internationally, the integration of video marketing into your marketing concept is suitable. YouTube alone is available in 76 languages and 88 countries, while almost every country has an Internet connection. In general, video marketing makes it possible to address specific target groups with minimal wastage.

Advantages of Video Marketing

Advantages of Video Marketing

Our Services & Approach to Video Marketing

Even before the video production you should be clear about your video marketing concept. We at youstream GmbH will be happy to sit down with you and give you detailed advice on your entire video marketing strategy.

Six Steps of Video Marketing

Six Steps of Video Marketing

This includes first of all the definition of the goals and messages of your video, suitable to your company concept. We then recommend the production of a specific video format. Subsequently, we will select the platforms and websites that are most suitable for your video or videos. We also integrate marketing measures into our concept to ensure that your video can be found quickly and easily. One of our concrete and measurable objectives is to increase the number of clicks and reach. Based on the measured results, we then adapt your individual video content strategy. In the course of placing your video we develop concepts which include how and where your video should ideally be positioned. This includes the embedding on your company website as well as the selection of social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

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Videos should be placed on social media platforms to reach as many consumers as possible.

If you share your video on YouTube, Vimeo or another video network, we will also develop a strategy for successfully maintaining your video channel. This includes not only the presentation of the channel, but also the content strategy, in which you determine the direction and future content of your channel. The success of your video marketing depends on how you deal with the medium as part of your marketing concept. If you keep your videos up to date, often post new videos and at the same time offer clever content, nothing stands in the way of many clicks and thus successful video marketing.

We at youstream accompany you from the definition of your goals and the definition of your video message to the planning and implementation of concrete measures. We successfully place your video on the Internet and support you in developing an effective content strategy. We can also provide you with the production of new videos and training in marketing and film production from a single source. We work closely with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with every step of your video marketing. We make sure that your video is the most successful for your business. Please feel free to arrange a personal consultation with us!

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youstream Regional

We at youstream are directly on-site for our customers in Switzerland. No matter whether you are based in Zurich, Bern, Basel or Lucerne – you will find a regional contact person in us. We can quickly get in touch with you for discussions, filming or other requests and provide you with personal support.

Take advantage of our regional know-how from the Swiss market to present your company with a video that reaches your target group. You can also rely on our local knowledge when it comes to effective video marketing.