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Social Media | video marketing

Social Media video marketing – Top references

What services are included in this package?
  • 6 videos customised to social media channels for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Campaign management
  • Monthly reporting
Who is this package suitable for?
  • SMEs who want to achieve goals quickly
  • Companies in the recruiting process
What can you achieve with this package?
  • Increase in conversion rate
  • Increase in enquiries & sales
  • Prompt ROI
  • Gain market know-how through measurability of campaigns

Holistic consultation for effective conversion measures

Social media is a highly competitive field. Almost every company is currently trying to attract attention in this way. Accordingly, it is important to stand out from the competition – ideally at the lowest possible cost. By deliberately addressing your target group, you can achieve a lot with little effort. If you opt for our social media package, you will receive 6 videos based on your existing image film. These are optimised for various social media formats – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and of course YouTube.

Together with you, we develop strategies that are implemented in the concepts of the individual films and thus effectively lead to more clicks and enquiries along the customer journey. In addition, we take over the marketing of all planned measures, evaluate them using professional tools and inform you by means of regular reports how your progress is developing. On this basis, we constantly change the parameters to make your campaigns even more successful.

Individually customised video concepts along the customer journey

In a first step, we conduct a detailed strategy consultation together with you. Within the framework of this, we identify your corporate goals and, based on this, develop concepts for the creation of various social media contents.

Our joint plan: A specific target group is addressed. We achieve this through a style that is tailored to them. We tell stories in a way that appeals to exactly those people you want to turn into paying customers. What they all have in common: a story told in a short and easy-to-understand way. If this is implemented effectively, you can increase your business turnover within a very short time.

Improve visibility on the web thanks to increased website user interaction

Targeted distribution of video content on social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms increases your company's visibility on the web. Video content that remains in the target group's memory and leads to interactions in turn increases the visibility of your website. Accordingly, good social media content will increase the number of your prospects.

In order to stream content as effectively as possible, we use YouTube's campaign management, for example. Numerous tools help us to evaluate the performance of your social media content by means of monthly reporting and to take further measures based on these results.

Increase website conversions for more sales

A larger number of interested parties has the potential to generate a larger number of new customers. By using targeted social media content, you can create long-term success for your company.

A one-time investment in video content as well as an appropriate monthly budget can – if used in a targeted and sensible way – lead to great success. So with a video series like this, you can help your business get off the ground and reap the rewards not only in the short term, but also in the long term.

If you work with us, you can count on all-round support that is geared towards getting the best out of your company!

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  • 6 videos tailored to social media channels for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Campaign management
  • Monthly reporting
  • SMEs that want to achieve goals quickly
  • Companies in the recruiting process
  • Increase in the conversion rate
  • Increase in enquiries and sales
  • Prompt ROI
  • Additional market know-how through measurability of the campaigns
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