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The image film - inspire your target audience with your story
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Advantages at a glance
Show uniqueness
Show why you stand out from your competition & why you are the right partner for potential customers.
Tell a moving story
Take your target audience on an exciting journey through your company.
Convey professionalism
Quickly & effectively convey your competencies & skills in your field.

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Have an image film created professionally - Top references

What services does an image film at youstream include?
  • Detailed video briefing
  • Script writing
  • Casting of actors
  • Filming with high-tech equipment
  • Post-production (editing, dubbing, animation, mixing)
  • Video marketing
  • Analysis and evaluation of reach, rankings and conversions
For whom are image films relevant?
  • Small and medium-sized companies with a value-oriented business model
  • Innovative companies that want to present themselves on the market and generate orders
  • Companies in the recruiting process
What can you achieve with an image film?
  • Sharpen and improve the corporate image in a self-directed way
  • Increase reach, raise awareness - among the relevant target groups
  • Win new customers, business partners and new employees

Together we spread the message of your company

What does your company stand for? This question is not only important internally, it must also be communicated externally. A good image video brings your company's core values to a point and condenses them into a story that moves people.

Youstream supports you in developing this story, visualising it and finally sharing it with the world. With high-quality equipment, specialised staff and a lot of experience, our agency creates image films that are highly personalised - tailor-made for your company in content and design. We also use established workflows and professional tools for marketing in order to place your image video exactly where it should be seen and ensure conversions. As a regional player, we can provide you with personal support throughout the entire process, have detailed local knowledge of German-speaking Switzerland and a broad local network. For high-quality image videos, we are your best partner.

The right way to your optimal image film

A good image film is more than just advertising - it tells a story about your company that makes it unique. The core function of our image films: to trigger emotions with storytelling. But it doesn't stop there. For customers and potential partners, these feelings give rise to thoughts about your company:

The core message sticks and stands as an image for your company in the future. How does this work? There is no patent remedy. We have already resorted to the most diverse possibilities: For example, you can show the story of a company from the point of view of satisfied customers or develop a fictional story that makes the Core Values clear. With our many years of experience in film production, we get to the heart of your company's image - and use established distribution strategies to ensure that the right people see your image video and that it converts well. You can rely on us!

Sequence of a production
Strategy & Storytelling
The adventure begins. Together we develop your video strategy for more attention & conversion. Storytelling serves as our secret weapon.
This is where the action starts. The shooting day runs smoothly because we know exactly what we want. Then it's off to editing.
Who doesn't want clicks, views and conversion? A clever video distribution strategy is simply a must.
Analysis & Evaluation
Only those who continuously analyze and evaluate become better. Advanced tools support us in this.

Goals of a new image film

With an image film you sharpen and improve the image of your company - but that's not all. An image film makes your company, your service or your product credible and authentic, it creates trust.

You gain new customers and can bind existing customers and partners more closely to you because you communicate your quality and unique selling points better and more credibly. Your reach is also increased by a good image film - on the one hand in social media, where you generate new followers and gain more visibility, and on the other hand directly measurable in search engine rankings and conversions. Last but not least, an image film can be used to recruit staff. Highly qualified workers may not even be looking for a job. But a good image video can quickly convince them that your company is the perfect place to work.


What we offer you

We produce all image films in close personal consultation with our clients. We are transparent during the work process: we communicate every step and coordinate closely with you.

Thanks to our well-established workflow and years of experience, we deliver fast and professional results - we always meet agreed deadlines. Depending on the effort, location and length of your image film, you can expect a production time of six to eight weeks. The video shoot and post-production are followed by our video marketing concept (linking), which we also tailor to your individual needs and target groups.

We deliver what we promise: our marketing measures are thoroughly analysed and evaluated after the roll-out. Whether clicks, likes or rankings: you should know exactly what your image film has achieved.

Video marketing from youstream

We don't just provide you with an image film for your company - we put together a complete package that provides you with all-round support. From the detailed initial discussion to the script and production to the marketing and evaluation of the intended goals and results, we are your reliable, professional partner.

Customers about us
FAQ - frequently asked questions

An image film is an important part of your own corporate communication and provides a "look behind the scenes" of your company. It aims to build trust within your target group and convey authenticity.

It uses storytelling to convey the values of the company and the added value that the company provides.

This can be done, among other things, through interviews with the management or employees, but also through the experiences of customers who have already used your service or product.

The production of an image film is realised as follows:

Concept: We conceptualise your image film in close cooperation with you. We create the script for the best possible visualisation.

Pre-production: We make all the necessary arrangements to be ready on the day of shooting. This means that we set up a production schedule, extras, actors and speakers are organised, locations are scouted and filming permits are obtained for them and technical equipment is organised.

Production: Your image film is produced on location.

Post-production: Your image film is edited and set to music. Colour grading ensures a professional look.

Approval: You receive the finished image film for checking in several rounds of corrections. If you are satisfied, it will be made available to you in the desired format.

The duration of the production of an image film is different for each project. It depends on

  • what tasks are involved in advance (organisation of locations, actors, speakers, extras, etc.),
  • how time-consuming the filming on location is, and
  • how time-consuming the post-production is.

In principle, you should expect an average of 6-8 weeks until the final approval.

If you are interested in a professional image film, please send us an enquiry for a personal offer!

The cost framework can only be estimated to a limited extent in advance. A broad guideline is between 5,000 and 20,000 Swiss francs. Depending on quality requirements and effort. Therefore, please contact us for an individual offer!

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