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hotel swiss – SkyMeat by Raphael Lüthy

The image video for the vegan meat alternative SkyMeat by celebrity chef Raphael Lüthy was to make the brand known. An exciting story shows the uniqueness of the product, which is told by Raphael Lüthy himself and thus gains personality. Within two days of its release, the video reached 30,000 views, whereupon the production of the video in English was commissioned.

"Already on the second day our video had over 30'000 views!"
Raphael Lüthy – Gault Millau Top Chef

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High-quality interviews with stars of the film industry were produced for Our client was looking for a reliable partner who could realize his wishes in a timely manner. The cooperation extended over several projects, in which interviews between questioner and interviewee were realized. Through reliable work, we were able to achieve a long-term cooperation that satisfied the customer.

"The end product speaks for itself."
Christoph Schelb – Editorial Manager
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ALBIN GROUP AG was looking for a long-term partner to advise it in various areas of video production and video marketing. It received a high-quality image film and several product and advertising videos. The company also received professional advice on installing its own film studio.

"Our corporate video has been very well received nationally and internationally."
Lou Albin – Owner

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An image video was produced for The goal was to convey the advantages and uniqueness of the company. At the same time, our client wanted a reliable and professional partner who could advise him throughout the entire production process. With more than 15 extras, the production was realized within one day of shooting. Colleagues and clients were thrilled with the result and the company felt well taken care of.

"The result is stunning."
Roland Hunkeler – Managing Director

video marketing strategy | consulting

Strategy consulting on video marketing - Top references

Content strategy as an important basis for successful video marketing

You are already convinced that video marketing is right for you? That's right! We couldn't agree more. However, a video alone cannot fulfil all your marketing objectives, no matter how professionally it is made and optimally marketed. In our 12 years of experience with video production and video marketing, we know: Videos only unfold their full power within a content strategy that is individually tailored to your company. But what is a content strategy anyway?

A content strategy is your holistic roadmap that describes how your company can build or deepen a relationship with your (potential) customers using content such as images, texts, infographics and videos. So the main goal is to find exciting topics that both interest your customers and about which you as a company can communicate credibly and competently.

Our experience shows: A good content strategy finds answers to these 5 questions:

  • Who? – Who do we want to address?
  • What? – What topics do we want to communicate?
  • How? – What is the best way to communicate these topics?
  • When? – At what point in time does our target group want to be addressed on these topics?
  • Where? – On which touchpoints can we best reach our target group?

So before you get off to a successful start with video marketing - and thus fully unleash the power of video – we will be happy to advise you and develop your individual content strategy together with you.

Your advantages with a content strategy

In an increasingly fast-paced world, people's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter – and therefore just as difficult to maintain. People nowadays compare not just three but rather 30 suppliers for a product with just a few clicks. So if you want to be among the best, you have to stand out. But how?

Our many years of experience and various marketing studies prove it with clear figures: Content strategy works and achieves measurable success for companies.
In concrete terms, a content strategy has these 4 advantages for you:

  1. Become (and stay) relevant
  2. Communicate with a unified presence
  3. Increase your website traffic
  4. Engage customers with your expertise
Sequence of a production
Strategy & Storytelling
The adventure begins. Together we develop your video strategy for more attention & conversion. Storytelling serves as our secret weapon.
This is where the action starts. The shooting day runs smoothly because we know exactly what we want. Then it's off to editing.
Who doesn't want clicks, views and conversion? A clever video distribution strategy is simply a must.
Analysis & Evaluation
Only those who continuously analyze and evaluate become better. Advanced tools support us in this.

Exclusive advice from a professional

youstream works closely with strategy experts from the industry in the field of strategy consulting. Our partners have over 10 years of experience in strategy consulting and have successfully advised more than 30 SMEs and large companies.

Our partners look forward to working with you on your personal content strategy and implementing it with video marketing. We tailor the approach to your individual needs. In addition, we work closely with you throughout the process to develop a customised roadmap that suits you and your business. For example, you will save money, gain more customers, create clarity in connection with various agencies and have a uniform appearance both externally and internally.

Video marketing strategies

Every company is individual. Consequently, every content strategy development process is also unique. Our experts at youstream have been working as strategists for SMEs and large companies for over 10 years. With our experience, we have developed and established a procedure that helps us to develop a suitable content strategy together with you.
Digitalisation strategy
Would you like to optimise the customer experience on your website and other digital channels? We would be happy to advise you on topics such as multi-channel management, online sales and user experience.
Corporate strategy
Would you like to seize your opportunity and extend your lead over your competitors? We will be happy to advise you on current trends, identify potential market opportunities for your company and develop a company-wide strategic action plan.
Brand positioning
Would you like to bring a new image film or your corporate vision to life with moving images? We would be happy to advise you on corporate vision, brand identity and market positioning.
FAQ - frequently asked questions

Video marketing describes the strategic distribution of videos via the internet - on a company's own website as well as on video platforms such as YouTube, on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Special focus is placed on the targeted distribution (organic or paid) and the analysis of the video measures.

The advantages of video marketing are:

  • Create attention
  • Generate trust
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Faster distribution of the video
  • Improve positioning on Google, etc.

A successful company knows the most important points of contact between the customer and the company. This path is called the customer journey. If different videos are produced for these touchpoints that lead a potential customer, for example, to a purchase, a phone call or to filling out a form, Managing Director Adrian Sandmeier speaks of a video customer journey.

At youstream, you will receive a video marketing strategy customised to your needs and goals. We proceed according to the following steps:

  1. Define goals
  2. Determine target groups
  3. Determine channels
  4. Determine messages
  5. Determine creative implementation

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Depending on your focus, you should rely on a corresponding video marketing strategy:

Every form of film should be professionally produced and then effectively marketed. Depending on the goal of your company, you should use different video formats:

  • Image film: An image film provides a look "behind the scenes" of your company and aims to build trust with your target group.
  • Commercial: A commercial promotes a specific product or service.
  • Recruitment film: With a recruiting film you look for future employees and trainees and at the same time communicate the advantages of your company.
  • Product video: A product video specifically presents a product and its advantages and encourages people to buy it.
  • Explainer video: An explainer video simplifies complex contexts and thus makes your service or product more understandable for your target group.
  • Event video: An event video promotes a specific event and thus generates attention for it.
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We at youstream are directly on-site for our customers in Switzerland. No matter if you are located in Zurich, Bern, Basel or Lucerne – in us you will find a regional contact person. We will be with you quickly for discussions, filming or other concerns and will look after you personally.

Use our regional know-how of the Swiss market to present your company with a video that also reaches your target group. You can also rely on our local knowledge for effective video marketing.

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