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Advantages at a glance
Attract attention
Attract attention with a professionally produced commercial.
Arouse emotions
Tell an exciting & captivating story that touches your target group.
Increase awareness
Raise your name recognition by attracting attention.

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Have a TV commercial professionally made - Top references

What services are included in this offer?
  • Complete production: conception, script writing, casting of the actors, filming
  • Post-production
  • With all-round support on site in Switzerland
For whom is a commercial suitable?
  • Companies with a new product portfolio
  • Companies with existing or new brands
  • Highly competitive industries
What can you achieve with a commercial?
  • Convince potential customers on an emotional basis
  • Present the advantages of a product

Versatility of commercials

Commercials can be used in many different areas. They are useful for launching new products and services, can accompany brand campaigns or even promote your company as a whole ‒ depending on how you set the focus and how we write the story.

youstream has been active as a video marketing agency in German-speaking Switzerland for years. Benefit from our experience and know-how. We create customised, individual and highly professional commercials for you, from conception to marketing ‒ all in one package and with personal support.

What you can achieve with commercials

Commercials are a medium with a high degree of emotionality. They work optimally when the target group is analysed precisely and picked up at the right point. This requires simple messages with clear values: a story that touches and picks people up. This way we increase the awareness of your product and its positive perception, create an incentive to buy and ultimately increase your sales figures. More reach and better rankings are additional benefits that our professional commercials achieve for you.

Sequence of a production
Strategy & Storytelling
The adventure begins. Together we develop your video strategy for more attention & conversion. Storytelling serves as our secret weapon.
This is where the action starts. The shooting day runs smoothly because we know exactly what we want. Then it's off to editing.
Who doesn't want clicks, views and conversion? A clever video distribution strategy is simply a must.
Analysis & Evaluation
Only those who continuously analyze and evaluate become better. Advanced tools support us in this.

This is how your commercial reaches your target group

A good commercial has a lot to do with psychology: A surprising start attracts attention, a believable story triggers emotions such as joy, compassion or nostalgia in the recipients. Humour and surprising twists increase positive perception. Your brand, product or service benefits from this: if we tell your story simply but memorably and clearly communicate the unique selling point of your product, your product or brand will be remembered positively by the customer. And with a bit of luck, your new commercial will even go viral.
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What we offer you

Individuality and creativity are particularly important to us. That's why we work out the script together with you and develop our own storyboard for each commercial. From shooting to post-production, we only use high-quality materials and technology as well as professional speakers and actors. Constant consultation, transparent workflows and personal advice are a given for us. Based on a solid concept, we can work efficiently and therefore quickly. The result is a commercial that is well worth seeing ‒ on the Internet as well as on TV or in cinemas.

Video marketing by youstream

Video marketing by youstream is a service package with complete support: we not only take care of the production and video shooting, but also advise you on the marketing of the finished commercial and provide you with our marketing expertise. We then evaluate for you how well your commercial does what it is supposed to do: Clicks, followers and conversion rates are just as important to us as they are to you in ensuring the quality of our work.
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FAQ - frequently asked questions
An advertising spot pursues ‒ as the name already suggests ‒ an advertising intention. The focus is on a specific service or product. The aim is to present the content in a concise and striking way and to attract the attention and interest of potential customers. At the same time, a commercial should convey a positive image of the company and stay in mind.

The production of a professional commercial follows the following pattern:

Concept: We work closely with you to develop a concept for your commercial and illustrate these plans with the help of a storyboard.

Pre-production: We organise locations, actors, extras, voice-over artists, technical equipment and all other important elements in order to be optimally prepared for the shoot.

Production: Your commercial is shot in a professional environment!

Post-production: The raw material is edited, texts are recorded and music is selected. Colour grading also gives your commercial a professional look.

Approval: You receive the finished commercial for review. If you are satisfied, we provide you with the video in the desired format.

It is not possible to put an exact figure on how long it takes to produce a commercial. It always depends on

  • what tasks are required in advance (organisation of speakers, extras, actors, locations, etc.),
  • how time-consuming the shoot itself is, and
  • how extensive the post-production will be.

For a rough guide, we recommend a period of about 6-8 weeks. Starting with the enquiry up to the approval by you.

For an individual offer, please contact us via our enquiry form!

It is not possible to estimate in advance how expensive your commercial will be, because too many factors come into play that have to be determined individually for your project. Therefore, please contact us for a personal offer via our enquiry form!

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