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Commercials Made by Your Video Production Company youstream in Zurich – with Cost Breakdown

Would you like to leave a lasting impression on your target group with a unique advertising spot? Then we at youstream GmbH are your professional film production company in Switzerland. We create your high-quality commercials, which inspire the viewers.

Commercials are ideal for increasing the awareness of companies, brands, products and services. Depending on the placement in TV, cinema or Internet, you can reach different target groups and a large number of potential customers. In particular, high-quality commercials with original stories often spread virally on the Internet and are seen by millions of people. The emotional attachment of the viewer to the brand is also one of the most important advantages of commercials. By conveying a positive impression, the viewer’s willingness to buy increases and ensures an increase in your sales.

We at youstream help you to attract attention and win customers. Our creative and professional team has been producing high-quality advertising spots for companies throughout Switzerland for many years. Based in Zurich, we are your regional contact for film productions in the entire canton as well as in the cantons of Bern, Basel and Lucerne. If you would like us to create an advertising spot for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Special Features & Advantages of Commercials

Advertising spots are concise short films which are intended to convey a lasting first impression of a brand, a product or a service to the viewer. They are also used in a variety of ways to increase awareness. Depending on the placement in the online or offline area, the spots are between 15 and 90 seconds long and thus differ from the corporate film. Another special feature is the strong emotionality, which can often be found in commercials. Through humor, intelligence or drama, the viewer should get a positive feeling and associate with the brand. The implementation of the spot is decisive – instead of direct and rather clumsy advertising, an advertising spot should be able to convey its content in an exciting way without being intrusive.

Advantages of Commercials

Advantages of Commercials

In addition to the emotional appeal to the target group, the high reach of commercials is one of the main advantages of this type of video. Particularly on the Internet, the most diverse target groups are reached. YouTube alone reaches almost a third of all Internet users worldwide. Particularly high quality produced and unique commercials spread virally and reach countless viewers. Even stories with unexpected twists are often remembered. The placement of commercials on the Internet is also much more cost-effective than on television, and broadcasting them on TV also enables them to reach a wide audience. If you want to position yourself regionally, nationally or target-group-specifically, it is best to place your commercials in the cinema. Here the emotional character of the short film can be enhanced, as the big screen conveys emotions more effectively.

Our Services & Approach

We at youstream have already gained a lot of experience in the production of commercials. Our clients come from a wide variety of industries and want to tell their viewers a wide variety of stories. The production of a commercial follows the following scheme:

Production Process of a Commercial

Production Process of a Commercial

The story behind your product, your service or your company is told to us in an initial conversation, during which we also deal with your marketing goals. We will work hand in hand with you on the visual conception of your spot in order to implement your ideas creatively and supplemented by our specialist knowledge. To ensure that you always have an overview, we also draw up a detailed shooting schedule. Further preparations include the commissioning of the actors and the procurement of props as well as filming permits.

During the shooting our professional and experienced crew works on every scene until it is perfect. We have the highest demands on image quality and use only high-quality equipment from renowned technology manufacturers. After the shooting we start with the post production. Here we perfect the editing and dub your film with unique music. We meticulously go through the film material until every scene is perfect. During this time, any change requests on your part are possible at any time due to the close communication with us. Although post production involves a large number of work steps, our aim is to be able to deliver your finished commercial to you within a few days. Following production, we will be happy to discuss video marketing with you and develop an individual concept for the placement of your commercial. We help you get the maximum return on your investment – because we are only successful if you are.

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youstream Regional

We at youstream are directly on-site for our customers in Switzerland. No matter whether you are based in Zurich, Bern, Basel or Lucerne – you will find a regional contact person in us. We can quickly get in touch with you for discussions, filming or other requests and provide you with personal support.

Take advantage of our regional know-how from the Swiss market to present your company with a video that reaches your target group. You can also rely on our local knowledge when it comes to effective video marketing.