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7 tips for a successful image video

An image video is one of the most efficient ways of communicating your company values and story to the audience. Potential customers ultimately always make decisions based on gut feelings. If the values of a company cannot be conveyed in a credible way, then it will have a big impact on the buying decision. This is exactly where it is important to think as a marketer, what are the most important factors of a successful image video. In this article, we present the most important tips that you should consider even before you start the production of your image film.

Our tips for a successful image video

1. The beginning makes the difference

Just like in a movie, it is the same in an image film. The beginning marks what it is about. It should be a meaningful introduction and perhaps leave questions unanswered. With the goal: the viewer stays tuned. Also, the attention span of viewers over the last few years has not increased. Here are some tips on how to make your opening even better:

  • Get started right away without an intro
  • Choose a high rhythm
  • Ask a question
  • Address the audience's challenges directly

2. Make it authentic

There is nothing worse than poorly paced scenes with uninteresting actors reading off their script. Or memorised lines that come across as just that. Let the protagonists be themselves in front of the camera. Create a pleasant environment during the shooting. The ideal situation is when everyone forgets about the camera and just has fun on set. And... small imperfections or spoilers look real and are explicitly allowed.

So in summary:

  • Do not learn scripts by heart
  • Create a pleasant atmosphere on set
  • Imperfections can contribute to credibility

3. Professional equipment and know-how

The perfect picture and the perfect sound do not make a good image video. But they are an important building block to a successful video. You leave a top business card of your company with good lighting, suitable equipment and high-quality sound. Ideally, you implement the film project with a professional video production company that knows which equipment, be it camera, lighting or sound, is best used.  Of course, it is equally important that the crew has the equipment under control.

A good example of an image film is the production for the Albin Group AG:

Albin Group - We Take Care from youstream video marketing on Vimeo.

4. Less is more

Time is a scarce commodity. And viewers do not want to be bored. All too often, you want to reveal and sell as much of the company as possible. Image videos of 5 minutes length is unfortunately still not uncommon. But who has 5 minutes today? Respect the time of your potential customers. Get to the point within a maximum of 2 minutes, even better 90 seconds. Increase the rhythm and cut as much as possible in your script. If your logo intro lasts 15 seconds, you have already lost.

5. Show emotions

We humans like to look at faces. We are masters at reading emotions. Often deciphering emotions happens within milliseconds and it is all completely unconscious. Close-ups of faces are especially good. This conveys the emotions even better. But posture and gestures are also important clues to the perception of emotions. Showing people, however, also means investing in the so-called social proof effect, an important component in authentic and credible communication.

For example, hire a professional voiceover artist who can convey what is being said with emotion and appropriate tone.  Or spend as much time on set with the protagonists until really emotional authentic statements come. Often this happens by simply taking enough time and considering this accordingly in the shooting schedule.

  • Focus on the people and their faces
  • Hire professional voice actors
  • Allow enough time in the shooting schedule so that protagonists feel comfortable

6. Keep the central theme in the image video

Every image, every single frame should have its justification. Everything should make sense. You achieve this with a story that moves forward. With each cut, consider: Is this shot really necessary? Does it move the story forward?

To be avoided at all costs:

  • Unnecessary repetition
  • Information that is not relevant and does not further the story.

7. Contrast & variety in the image film

Bring variety into the film. By this we mean image details, rhythm, colours, protagonists, locations. The more contrast you bring into the film, the more attractive it will be for the viewer. Think: After a flood of information in images and text, the viewer might need a break. It would be a pity if the viewer is overloaded and nothing sticks in the end.


Comment by Adrian Sandmeier, youstream GmbH

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